Accessing custom tools that disappeared from Desktop after editing in Pro

10-27-2021 09:18 AM
New Contributor II

Hi folks! For the past two years, I've been creating custom tools via python and saving them in a toolbox for use via ArcMap. Recently, my company started using ArcGIS Pro for some work (not a full switch), and due to the differences between programs I made a separate copy of the toolbox for Pro and copied all of the original scripts to a "desktop version" subfolder.

The other day I finally had some free time available, and spent a while cleaning up the two toolboxes -- namely editing the script path for the Desktop versions, so they didn't try to pull from the scripts actively being edited for Pro. Unfortunately, I was doing that work in the Pro catalog, and now... I can't see any of those tools when in ArcMap. The handful of tools that didn't get edited are still visible, so this is definitely related to having entered and saved the tool Properties in Pro.

My question is....... is there anything I can do to get those tools back into a format that ArcMap can use, or are they lost to Desktop forever unless I take the time to manually reimport and reconfigure each of them?

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