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XY to Line function didn't draw anything

4 weeks ago
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I am trying to do what is in this post from several years ago: AltaLIS DEM: how to load into arcGIS - Esri Community.

The workaround steps stated:

1. Open .gnp file in Notepad and save as .csv or .txt. When you will open gnp file in Notepad you will find the Object ID, X, Y, Z value information

2. Add csv file in ArcMap > Use the Display XY and plot these points and create a point feature class. While plotting use appropriate UTM zone ( NAD 1983, Zone 11N or 12 N)

3. Add other two files and use XY to line tool to generate lines

4. Use Interpolation to generate raster or Use Create TIN tool to have 3D surface.

Step 1: works fine because the .gnp file transfers over to .csv format nicely.

Step 2: Adding csv and plotting points works fine. I skipped creating the point feature class so maybe that's where I went wrong. I don't know what creating a point feature class accomplishes, so if someone could explain that and how to use it for this context that would be helpful.

Step 3: The other 2 files when saved as csv does not give the appropriate fields readable by Arcmap, as another person in the thread also discovered. I managed to reformat the .ghl and .gsl files by creating a macro to move all the data around so that it's in a typical csv table. Then I added the two csv files and ran the XY to Line function, but it has not drawn any lines. Opening the Attributes Table shows Shape_Length =0 for everything.


I do not have access to any of the 3D Analyst Tools (looks like I need the Pro version?), so the last suggestion to use 'ASCII 3D to Feature Class' will not work.

I just tried to open the Interpolation Tools to see what it asks for and I don't have access to the Spatial Analyst Tools either so all of this may be completely moot. Do I really need the Pro version of Arcmap to use all these tools?

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