Retain attribute data after splitting line file by road class

03-07-2024 06:27 PM
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I have a ployline shapefile that I need to split by road class attributes in the table but need to retain all the original data after the split or extraction by arterial, collector, local roads, etc. I've tried to select by attribute and extract or use the extraction tool but the output is one large line and all the attributes are gone. Which would be the best way to retain all the original data, I just want to pull out all arterial roads from the file. I was thinking of editing the attribute table to delete all lines that are not arterial or try the splitting tool but not sure which process would be best. Any help or guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Patrick

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you may want to look at

Split By Attributes (Analysis)—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

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So, what are you trying to split?  If each feature has a road class attribute, can't you just select by attributes, then Export Features (using the selected features) to new featureclass?


Or, if you need All road classes, looks like the Split by Attribute as @DanPatterson suggested does the same thing, but all of them at once


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