Remove and add a feature class to an existing replica

05-05-2022 11:24 PM
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Hi all,

There was a feature class in an enterprise geodatabase that needed to be changed (number of columns, type of columns, and names of columns had to be changed). My method was to create a new feature class and copy all the records from the old one and paste them into the new one. My old feature class resides in a two- way replica. Now I want to delete the old one and replace it with the new one. How can I do this? 




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@MaryamPanji ,

I do not believe there is a built-in tool to add a feature class to an existing replica. I think the way to add a feature class or make a schema change to an existing replica involves making the data match in the parent/child replicas, unregistering the replica from both sides, making the schema changes, and re-establishing the replica.

See the "Desktop" instructions in the "Procedure" section of this technical article: How To: Add a feature class to a one-way or two-way replica

It is possible to drop a feature class from an existing replica using the Replica Properties menu (see screenshot), but there isn't an easy way to add a feature class back in. Personally, I wouldn't recommend dropping a feature class from a replica this way unless you have a good reason for doing so.





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Hi Mike,

Thank you for answering. 

I decided to unregister the feature class from the replica in the child and parent geodatabases,  but I am not able to see it in the child geodatabase. The replica manager shows hundreds of replicas (not the default version), and the connection to the arcgis server is listed in the properties section. What does this mean? 




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