Newly created tables, & views in Postgres DB not visible in ArcGIS Pro DB-connection?

01-08-2024 11:32 PM
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PostgreSQL 15.1

ArcGIS Pro 3.1.0


Hi all,

I'm running into serious problems accessing data from a PostgreSQL 15.1 database. I simply want to access tables and views created in this database in AG Pro. When I create a database connection from my Catalog-window (as the schema owner), I can see mutliple tables and views, but newly created tables or views are not displayed.


I've made sure the geometry is stored in a SHAPE-column and an integer OBJECTID is present.  I used to work a lot with ESRI-products (from 1999 up to 2020) and are experienced with QGIS as well.


Needless to say, the tables & views work perfectly in QGIS.


I really have no clue why I can not see any of the new items in my database-connection in AG Pro...


Any assistance is appreciated, thanks!

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Based on the information provided, that configuration may not be supported. This "highest" PostgreSQL version supported for Pro 3.1.x is 14.x:

Now some things "could" work with PostgreSQL 15.x but you may see unexpected behavior.

If you need to use PG 15.1, then I would recommend upgrading ArcGIS Pro to version 3.2.x;

--- George T.