How to rename bands of multiband raster in ArcGIS Pro?

01-23-2024 01:42 PM
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I have created a multiband raster from multiple single-band raster images using the Imagery Tab > Raster Functions > Data Management > Composite Bands tool and exported it as raster (rs1.tif). Then I tried to rename its bands in the Catalog panel by right-clicking the first band and renaming it in the Catalog panel but it didn't work. The original name (0.483000 Micrometers) always came back.

Does anyone know why and how to solve it? I have zipped and uploaded the rs1.tif here.

Interestingly, when the multi-band raster image was created (rs2.tif) using the Geoprocessing panel (Data Management Tools > Raster > Raster Processing > Composite Bands), it was allowed to rename individual bands simply by right-clicking the band and renaming it in the Catalog panel.



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This might help: Raster band names renamed in the Catalog pane are not reflected when added to a mosaic dataset in Ar...

The cause explained seems quite good but the solution is not straightforward.

(1) If ArcGIS Pro doesn't work, close ArcGIS Pro and try to rename band names in ArcGIS 10.8's Catalog window.

(2) Try ENVI. Right-click the raster in ENVI's Layer Management panel, and select View Metadata > Edit Metadata > Band Names.

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