How to make points count as multiple based on an attribute column network analyst

04-20-2024 02:09 PM
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Hi all, I need to solve a location allocation problem on network analyst (ArcMap 10.8) and I have several demand points which should count as multiple but only count as one. I had a polygon file of all the blocks of a city with an attribute called "people" which shows the people living in each block. Since I can't use polygon features as demand points I turned it to point feature but network analyst only shows the number of points created as demand points. For example a row has 12 people but network analyst only counts 1 which is the point, instead of 12 which is the information I wanna use. Is there any way I can make my points count as multiple based on an attribute column?

Thanks in advance.

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Demand Points can have a weight field. See this doc

You supply the weight value when using the Add Locations tool to input your Demand points

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