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Extract Table of Latitude, longitude and Elevation for all pixels WITHOUT point features, from a Topographic Raster layer

06-12-2024 05:12 AM
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"I have a simple question but it's a complicated task 😅

I'm working with the PDS GTDR (Topographic) layer  from the Magellan mission to the Venus. 

What I need: Aa global table with the Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude (Elevation, or Z level) for each coordinate (X,Y), within the Magellan topographic data. 

* I  have the Magellan global topographic map (.Tiff), we tried to extract Lat.Lon.Alt through ArcGis/ArcMap using the above topographic layer, but I didn't succeed. I don't want to extract Values to Points, I want extract Values to table, without passing by the Points features (i.e., Spatial Analyst Tools--> Extraction--> Extract Values to points).
* I have installed the PDS_Viewer and we imported the XML file from Magellan GXDR, using these files  here (collection_mer_nor_sinu_sou) or GTDR but the output is not what we are looking for (We received images or information tables that not of our concern). 
* We do not need a topographic layer, we need a series of tables . Lists of geographic coordinates along with their Latitude, Longitude, and Altitude parameters. 
Any solution or suggestions please ??
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