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02-08-2024 03:26 AM
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Some of My data in attribute table deleted??? Please i need it, very important  data. Howi can recovered it

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Hello @LuayAmeen  , please can you clarify where your data was stored, eg in a Shapefile, or a File Geodatabase, or an Enterprise Geodatabase, or a Hosted layer, etc etc. And how was the data deleted, eg using ArcGIS Pro, or by deleting a Windows File, or dropping a database Table, etc etc.

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It stored in file geodatabase.

I don't know how I deleted the data. Maybe I deleted it accidentally, from (attribute table)

I use arcMap 10.8

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If system restore is enabled on the computer where the FGDB is stored, you may be able to find it in previous version tab.  Right click on the folder the FGDB is in, select 'Properties', then the Previous Versions tab.


Just copy one from right before the deletion.


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  1. If you are working with an Enterprise Geodatabase (Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL) and you have geodatabase versioning enabled, and you deleted the data in a child version of sde.default and you did not reconcile and post the edits to sde.default, then just discard the child version and recreate it, the data is still in the sde.default version.
  2. if the data was deleted in the sde.default version as well then proceed as in step 3 below.
  3. on the other hand if you are not using geodatabase versioning then ask your Database Administrator to perform a point in time database restore to bring the data back.
  4. If you are using a File Geodatabase, then you need to find the last backup of your File Geodatabase. 


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