cannot find the same tool as the instructor-led course

11-09-2022 03:39 AM
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Hi all,

While I am preparing to the associate exam, I have found a difference between the book step instructions and ArcGIS pro tools.

In "Managing Geospatial data in ArcGIS", the context of lesson 1,step 4,page 1-17 is that when I am clicking on the filegeodatabase "auroraCity", then click on "import", I will find "feature class" which will open "Feature class to feature class" tool.

Actually, when i clicked "import" i did not find "feature class" but i found "feature class(s)" which opens "Feature class to geodatabase" tool.

Note: I have ArcGIS pro version 3 and the file geodatabase version is 10.

I wonder if all databases have the same tools for the "import" part.

Screenshot (71).png

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It sounds like your lesson was written for earlier version.  I see the same thing in v3+, but looks as you describe in 2.9 +.




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