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Auto apply Shape.STLength measurements to new Shape_Len field

04-18-2024 05:57 AM
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I've noticed the Shape.STLength field does not get brought over into the enterprise portal after publishing. I have created a new field named Shape_Len and performed a field calculation where Shape_Len = Shape.STLength and it populates the new field successfully and appears in the portal when publishing. The issue I'm trying to figure out is that when I create a new line segment my new field doesn't auto populate similarly to the Shape.STLength field, it remains <NULL>. Is there a way to auto populate my new field whenever a new line segment is created or modified with the same value in Shape.STLength?


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I was having the same issues trying to do a dashboard in AGOL.  The Shape.STLength field isn't actually in the enterprise table, but is somehow connected 'on the fly'.

There is probably a better way, but to overcome this, I created a view in SQL Server, then registered that view with the database.


CREATE VIEW [dbo].[_WatermainsView]
SELECT         Material, Owner, Shape.STLength() AS Length, Shape.STLength() / 5280 AS Miles, Shape, OBJECTID


I then load that view instead of the featureclass for my services. 

This example will not only have a column named "Length" that is in map units (equal to what the Shape.STLenght() is) as well as as a column named "Miles" that is miles so I don't need to do the convertion in the dashboard or popups.


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The third option is an ON INSERT OR UPDATE trigger to preserve the contents of the actual column.

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