Not seeing toolbox after install

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I'm having trouble installing Data Loading Tools.  I'm using ArcGIS Pro 3.1.2.  I followed the instructions; cloned my Python environment, ensured the cloned environment is set as default, installed the dltsolutions 3.1.2 package, and restarted ArcGIS Pro.  I'm unable to find the Data Loading Toolbox or any of the tools, though.

I verified the dependent packages are also installed and updated.  I also updated all of the other packages.  I've tried deleting the cloned environment and repeating the process, but still can't find the tools.

Is there something I'm missing?

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Connect to a toolbox—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation

this doesn't work? or apply?

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Thanks, but I haven't found any documentation that says where the toolbox would be located if it's not loading in the default suite of toolboxes.  I might just have to call Esri support on this.

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