Here are COVID case/death counts *by day* for counties/states/countries

05-06-2020 08:17 PM
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A few weeks ago I got interested in producing a COVID map that showed recent trends in cases and deaths *per day* going back 14 days. Of course the first problem was that there was no handy data set I could grab that had case and death counts by day. To solve that problem I wrote code to process the JHU cumulative count data into daily counts. That code automatically runs each night and given that this process has been working well for a bit now, I feel comfortable sharing this resource.

This daily count data can be used by anyone for any non-commercial purpose. If you use this data in a project please credit:
Joseph Elfelt, (linked to

The daily counts my code produces are in a delimited text file at

The field delimiter is ^.
Since there are commas in the data, do not convert ^ to a comma.

Column definitions:
1. Code. 1=county, 2-state, 3-USA, 4-province/territory, 5-country
(I have to tweak my software to add the country value for Canada)

2. Used to sort the data

3. Name of location.

4. 14 day linear regression. cases, deaths

5. 7 day linear regression. cases, deaths

6. latitude longitude centroid

The next 14 columns have a date label in the file. The value in each ‘cell’ is cases, deaths.

The last column shows the 14 day totals for cases, deaths.

Each night just after midnight Pacific time my code runs and the oldest date column is deleted and a new date column is added.

Finally, if you are curious, below is a link to a map I produced. Click the basemap button to see a list of the overlays you can turn on/off. When the map opens each symbol represents a county where the number of cases is trending up over the last 7 days. How much of the upward trend in cases is explained by increased testing? Great question!

Red - upward trend
Green - downward trend
Triangle - Prior 7 days
Circle - prior 14 days

Open the map:,-99.052734&zoom=4&basemap=USA_basemap&o...

Joseph Elfelt
Redmond, WA
Twitter: @mappingsupport

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