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Adding Google Sheet from shared Google drive to AGOL

11-10-2020 06:55 AM
New Contributor

Greetings All.  I am trying to add a Google Sheet to ArcGIS Online through the 'Add item from cloud drive' option as per  It works pretty well aside from the fact that I can't see the files on the shared organizational Google Drive.  That is where the Google Sheet is that I want to bring into AGOL.  A colleague manages that sheet, so I can't move it to my personal Google Drive (where AGOL apparently has no issue seeing it).  The only files showing up through the 'add item from cloud drive' option are those that are in the 'shared with me' tag - which is a super small subset from the shared google drive - not all files on the shared drive.  I asked the colleague to share the file again with me, and she did, but it still doesn't appear in 'shared with me' in Google or in the ArcGIS Online dialogue.  Suggestions?  I also tried adding this google sheet as a shortcut in my Google Drive, but that didn't work either.

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Hi, I opened a ticket for a similar issue a couple weeks ago and yes, it turned out that data in a Shared Drive cannot sync with AGOL. We had to move it back out of the shared drive to re-create the feature service (unfortunately the original connection was corrupted when moved to the SD). Hope that helps.

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