Reconcile Error Warning 003355 an edit operation is required ArcGIS Pro Branch Versioning

04-29-2022 01:30 PM
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-ArcGIS Enterprise recently upgraded to 10.9.1

-Branch Versioning 

-ArcGIS Pro 2.8.x and 2.9.2



After we upgraded ArcGIS Enterprise to 10.9.1 we are getting the error  Warning 003355 an edit operation is required when trying to reconcile a version. This is happening with some feature layers, other can reconcile as normal. We have not identified significant differences between feature that could potentially be the problem. 

In ArcGIS Pro  2.9.2 we are able to reconcile versions in all features with the Reconcile/Post button from Manage Versions. But we cannot reconcile from the Reconcile button in the Versioning ribbon. Unfortunately we are being affected by a bug with 2.9 related to other subject and we need to stay in 2.8 for now. 

The affected layers have been created again and published as new features services to Portal but the issue persist. 

Has anyone encounter this error or has a suggestion?

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Hi @FiorellaRodriguez ,

Bothe tools should complete successfully. Can you please create a support case for the team to review any differences between the versions? 


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Hi I'm encountering the warning 003355. Have you had any luck solving this problem?

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Hello Kyla, 

This was a production environment and we need to solve it as soon as possible, we could not find how to fix it as it was. We created and versioned data again. I hope you had more luck than we did. 

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Our organization  is also having this issue. Any fixes?

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Unfortunately no other than recreating the versioned data and attempting to reconcile again, sometimes it will sometimes it won't. 

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