Remember language for code

01-28-2021 04:41 AM
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A small thing for many, but I can't complain about widget colors, so this is my beef...

Current scenario for code blocks

  1. Alphabetize available code language list is on the board
  2. If Arcade is added that will only make matters worse.
  3. SQL addition is no problem.

Possible remediation

A little checkbox ... Remember language selection or

A picklist that would remember your last selection,

Either would go a long way to avoid the screaming involved in incessantly scrolling down to python


I move that python be renamed to 0python 😑


Thanks for the feedback Dan. We are working on that request to get the code options listed alphabetically (I captured that here on our Known Issues and Enhancements) and that's a great suggestion that it should remember your last selection or you can make it default so we'll pass that suggestion along.

I hope the creator of Python would be open to suggestion on renaming to 0python so it always appear first. 

Arcade as an option is still being discussed as it's not a standard code with the text editor plug in being used as you'd expect. We're working on it though. 


As for Arcade... A perfect substitute parser would be the python parser ... I am sure 😇


Maybe now is a good time to switch from Python to Arcade @DanPatterson ... 🐍 -> 👾


This is the only documentation that I could find arcade · PyPI 😁  maybe esri should check on copyright issues


 I don't know Dan... when comparing Python with Arcade, the latter just seems to be more fun...


A Python loop...

Arcade space invaders.gif

Some good old Arcade fun...


😂good old Space Invaders


still a pain after a year, but sadly I suspect it only affects a few of us

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Thank you @DanPatterson for the idea. I have added this to our vendor list to see if there is any way to make last code selection sticky/remember from last use. Will let you know if I will need any additional details. Thanks Simi

Status changed to: Requested
Status changed to: In Development Backlog

Thanks for the idea.  Arcade as an option is still being discussed as it's not a standard code with the text editor plug in being used as you'd expect. Moving it for backlog for next year items. Thank you.