Navigate to community posts from email notification links without requiring sign-in

03-25-2023 06:34 PM
Status: Open
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In email notifications from the Esri community:

If I click the link, I’m brought to the sign in-page, not the post. I don’t necessarily want to sign-in just to read a post or comment. 

Further, if I do sign in, I’m not subsequently brought to the post, it just goes to the community homepage. So I either need to hit back a couple of times or re-click the link in the email. That’s not ideal.

Could that behavior be changed so that email links always open the post without needing to sign in?

Edit: The issue seems to be intermittent. Sometimes it happens, other times it doesn't.

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I’ve observed this issue when clicking links in Google search results too. For example, click the first search result titled, “Selection to Definition Query” on this page:

Sometimes when I do that, it requires a sign-in (Google Chrome for desktop and iPad). That seems like a serious issue. I don’t think you would want to prevent people from seeing posts just because they’re not signed in. They’d probably assume the link was broken and give up on the page, somewhat defeating the purpose of posts.