Idea submission form improvement: no tag max

09-07-2021 08:48 AM
Status: Implemented
Esri Contributor

Suggestion: no limit on number of tags for an idea submission.

Rationale: Tags are an open-ended catch-all social mechanism best used in an organic sense from community input. Limiting the number of tags in an ideas post to 5 feels unnecessarily restrictive and can dampen the natural benefit of the pattern. Furthermore, there is no indication of this limit in the prompt text -only as an error condition after a post is submitted.

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Hi @JohnMNelson  thanks for you feedback, sorry for your frustrations. I have increased the number of tags allowed per post to 15 for now and can re-evaluate later if that does not seem to be enough. I think 5 might have been an out of the box setting that we didn't customize at time of launch. Again apologies for any frustration this may have caused.



WOW that was fast! Thanks Michelle! My goodness.

Status changed to: Implemented