Idea submission form improvement: label field as droplist

09-07-2021 08:33 AM
Status: Requested
Esri Contributor

Suggestion: Rather than invite the unknowns of an open-ended text input for the "Label" section of an ideas form, provide a droplist.

Rationale: The labels input is mutually exclusive, and less than 100 options: a droplist is the proper UI device for this form element. Currently the input mechanism is a text box. The prompt text is not clear that there is a max of one label (it can be mistakenly be presumed that at least one label is required). Furthermore, when the "Post" button is clicked while the Label field is in an error state, the post button reverts to a disabled state, no error is mentioned, and no indication of success/failure is provided, leaving the user to presume it may have been submitted.

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Yes, this is definitely needed. The labels textbox implies you can write any labels separated by commas only to be confronted with an error telling you to pick labels from "the list". What list? It's certainly not in the UI...

Status changed to: Requested