Download list of my ideas to Excel

03-31-2023 09:55 PM
Notable Contributor

It would help if there were a button to download a list of my Esri Community ideas as an Excel spreadsheet.

I want to review my ideas to make sure they’re all still valid. Some might no longer be needed, be better suited as support tickets/bug reports, etc. And it would help to have a list of ideas to use as a checklist (check them off as I review them).

Columns like: Idea Title, URL, Date Submitted, Status, Community Name, Label, etc.

Would that be possible? Thanks.

by Esri Contributor

Hi Bud,

I support your idea. It would be helpful for Esri Community users to have a button to download a list of their ideas as an Excel spreadsheet. This feature would allow users to review their ideas, ensure they are relevant, and track their progress. Additionally, it would make it easier for users to organize and prioritize their ideas.



Status changed to: In Development Backlog

Thank you @Bud  @Omar_A  for the idea. I agree this will be great addition. But at this point, the platform does not support this and I am putting this in our enhancement queue.  We are hoping it will be better with the UX update we anticipate getting later this year. Thank you.