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How to search and apply filters in Esri Community

08-30-2020 12:07 PM
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How to search and apply filters in Esri Community

You can search for posts and documents at several community levels. When you type a search term, the system automatically searches at the current level of the page you are on.  For example, if you're on the community front page or using search in the top navigation bar, the system searches the entire community.

If you're looking at a page, board, or blog page, the system searches that board, documents, or blog.

 To search the community, enter your search keywords in the search field and click Search or hit enter.


When the page of search results displays, browse the search results in the same manner you would a message board.

In addition to search results in the first post of a topic, you can quickly view the replies that also contain your search term. 

You can see loads of information about each result, including when the topic started, the number of replies, the number of views, and the kudos count for the topic. 

On the search results page, the default results tab is for Posts, but you can also select results tabs for Members and Places.


To apply filters, select from the options available to narrow by:

  • Place
  • Labels
  • Author
  • Date
  • Status (Solved or Kudoed)
  • Type of Post
  • Contains (Images, Videos, Attachments)

 Most search filters work together to narrow the possible results. For example, you can search for accepted solutions in the last month, and found in a specific place or board.

Active filters appear at the top of the results list. To turn off a filter, click the X to the right of the filter.

The Advanced link on the search results page is where you can Subscribe to RSS feed for the Search you created.   

 Advanced users will also have the ability to export search results. Once you have the results filtered to your specifications, look for the Advanced link select, Export Search Results to CSV.  You will receive a private message upon request and then another once the CSV is compiled with a link to the file.  






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But how to search on my ideas? The ideas option appears to be deemed as per the screenshot below

@Anonymous User 


by Anonymous User
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Great and thank you very much.

by Anonymous User
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From the Search Page, select  Ideas first from the (1) Type of Post drop-down menu and then add an additional filter for your username from the (2) Author filter. From there you will see a collection of your Ideas and then you can search from those results in the (3) Search Bar.  

The order in which filters are applied will alter the results, so I recommend changing up the ordering of the filter applications. 

Tip: A search term is not required to filter content on the Search Page, you can filter first and then search a term or keyword from filtered results. 

Search Ideas.png


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Thanks Leslie


As I have already indicated, the system fails to select the “idea” option as shown in the screenshot below.


What could be the issue here?



by Anonymous User
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Hi @JamalNUMAN, the search page behavior is now updated. Can you try the recommended steps above now? 

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what are the various services provided or functioning done in ArcGIS (Not ArcGIS PRO) ?

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