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Creating an Announcement

09-22-2020 09:46 PM
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Creating an Announcement

Announcements can be created and organized using a label. Members can subscribe to the announcement label to follow important announcements relating to your place, product, group, or topic. Establish with your team or group leadership what content should be considered an announcement.


Create an Announcement & Apply the Label


Create a new post in a Question board, Title it with the text  ANNOUNCEMENT: XXXX, and select Announcements in the Labels section of the post.

*If you do not have an announcement label, please contact the Community Manager ( to have an announcement label added to your place.


Please note: Members have individual setting preferences for how they receive notifications. If a member selected to not receive email notifications from the community, they will not receive an email notification.


Promote the Label

  • When building your content or in a welcome post, repeatedly encourage your Place or Group followers to follow the Announcements label so they can receive announcement notifications.
  • Add ANNOUNCEMENT: in the subject of all your posts




Float the Post in a Board Activity Feed


To float the post in a Place or Group's Latest Activity feed, go to the Post and select the Options menu above the title of the post. 


Click Float This Topic For All Users. This will float the post at a board level.


To remove the topic as a floated topic, return to the post and select the Options menu above the title of the post. 


Click Un-float Topic for All Users. 

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