GeoNet, The Esri Community Name Change to Esri Community

02-22-2021 11:03 AM
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Starting February 26, 2021, this community’s name GeoNet, The Esri Community will change to Esri Community.

The vision behind GeoNet’s name was to see that GIS professionals could have a place to connect and discuss topics across the geospatial field, which expanded on the user community around Esri products and developer discussionsUltimately, a geospatial network formed, hosting user groups and an opportunity for users to develop their own professional brand and thought leadership with higher visibility features in our former platform.   

Since 2014, we’ve realized that vision with members like you who come to share, connect, and collaborate daily in an active community. We’ve grown to have more than 200,000 registered users, 200 user groups, 20 worldwide communities, and valued MVP program. We continue to see long-time members use the community and assist with hundreds of new members that join us every day 

This name change brings the community closer to our brand and clearly identifies what connects us as we collaborate on solving problems with GIS technology. Your feedback distinguishes this community has the added benefit of having Esri staff and distributors presentwho connect with youcollect your use cases, stories, and ideas to innovate and improve our products and services. Our Esri Community name uplifts that value to you and simplifies the identity and purpose of what brings you here.  

Quick FAQ 

Will I need t
o go back and change my content (blogs, documents, questions, videos, events, and posts)? 

No. We recommend only focusing on making changes to any new content that will be postedNo retroactive actions need to be taken.  


How will the name change impact the community? 

This name change will have minimal impact on the community’s operations. The domain name and URL will not face any changes. If you are using in any of your content, please take steps to update the URL to 

Any links using our previous URL structure of will be subject to a double redirect and may impact link equity.  

Recommended action: Plan for updating the URL links in your web properties to improve the loading performance for your audience. 


Esri Community programs (e.g., Community Contests, MVP Program)user groups, Esri products and services, and other Esri web properties will be updating the Esri Community name change and identity throughout the yearWe expect the phaseout of the GeoNet name to be mostly completed by the end of December 2021.  

Community Name Change Properties and Timeline  

Community Platform 

February 26, 2021 

Community Basics 

February 26, 2021 

Community Terms of Use 

February 26, 2021 

Community Guidelines 

February 26, 2021 

Community Email Address 

February 26, 2021 

Esri Community Twitter:
View Twitter

Updated as of:
March 22


How do we use the new name?  

See the written spelling guideline below for reference on how to write or verbally reference Esri Community.  

Written Spelling Guideline 

For reference on how to refer to the community in written or verbal contexts, please see the below
The Esri Community Team and Esri staff will be rolling out the name change over time this year, so while you might still see GeoNet referenced in select areas, please note that it will change over time. 

Historical references to GeoNet or GeoNet, The Esri Community can remain but should be replaced with Esri Community in future versions.  



  • Esri Community 
  • the Esri Community 



  • Esri community
  • the Esri community 
  • the esri community 
  • esri Community 
  • Any references to the former name "GeoNet" 

Capitalization Rules 

  • Capitalize Community when it comes after Esri 
  • Only capitalize “The” when it’s the first word at the beginning of sentence
  • See our full Writing Style Guide for more information

Our Community Icon


The community icon is a representation of the abbreviation of Esri Community: EC. The lowercase “e” and “c” form a unique mark that will represent the Esri Community throughout Esri's web, app, and product properties.


To reference the community for editorial or promotional purposes, please refer to assets and guidelines from Esri and reference Esri Community by text where applicable. 

For example:




Esri Community

See our attached Brand Guidelines for more information.

For questions related to our name change, please comment below with your questions. 


Esri Community Team 

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