Congratulations to our first 2017 GeoNet Semi-Annual Contest Winners

08-01-2017 05:21 PM
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We would like to announce the winners of the first 2017 Semi-Annual GeoNet Contest held from January 1st - June 30th 2017. This contest runs during the first and second half of the year. There is also a year long contest for our grand prizes. You can read more on this in


We appreciate each of our users and their contribution to the community. Each post, reply, and helpful rating helps GIS users create a collaborative atmosphere in order to find solutions to their problems, which helps us achieve our GeoNet goal: to help you work better and ultimately create a stronger, more valuable GIS and Esri Community.  We would like to especially thank a few of our members who have excelled as our top participants.


Our winners will be receiving a variety of prizes as outlined in the2017 GeoNet Contest Prizes Some of these prizes include Amazon gift cards, Esri Certification Exams, ArcGIS Home Use Licenses, and Esri Press books.


Within the community they will be awarded the 2017 MVP Badge that they can proudly display on their profile and in their Me in Three. They will also get an "MVP Champion" icon beside their name.

  1. Robert Scheitlin, GISP 
  2. Dan Patterson 
  3. Jayanta Poddar 
  4. Rebecca Strauch, GISP 
  5. Joshua Bixby
  6. Abdullah Anter
  7. Adrian Welsh 
  8. Curtis Price
  9. Chris Donohue, GISP
  10.  Neil Ayres

Thank you all for your contributions to the community!


Are you wanting to get in on the second semi-annual contest? Check out 2017 GeoNet Contest Prizes

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