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07-22-2021 02:48 PM
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Hello, my name is Gabby and I just created my first story map "Sink or Swim: Sea Level Observations During  A Pandemic" Here: 

However, I find that with the static images I choose the images will not appropriately size across viewer types. On a lap top this story maps images look fairly good. On a TV screen they are not scaling to fit the screen.

Example: Photo is cut off in TV frame. 


The pop out tabs on this tab of the story are also not fitting the frame:




On a cell phone this story mainly fits the frame but pop out tabs will not automictically rotate or fit the frame. When I began this story map I contacted many ESRI specialist and they were very helpful. The reason the images look good on a laptop now is because the agents and I worked through resizing issues of generally around 825X500 with mid resolution for pictures. I am looking for constructive criticism on a way to get all my photos to fit any screen across any viewing device. The agents I spoke with told me that this was a limitation to using images in the classic story map version. Again on a lap top it looks great- on a phone it also mainly works (except for the pop out tabs). On a television it is not working well. All advice is appreciated.



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@GabrielleBejarano -- Great news that you've created your first story! Welcome to the community.

The default setting for images in the main stage is FILL, which will fill the entire space with the image, but may also crop portions of the image at the edges. The FILL setting is best for photographs.

Since your image has words and other parts that you do not want cropped, you should use the FIT setting. FIT will ensure that the entire image is always visible, no matter what size screen or browser window the reader is using to view your story.

Just go into the section settings and you'll see the position options...

Screen Shot 2021-07-23 at 7.11.12 AM.jpg

Lastly, it looks like you've used one of the classic storytelling templates to create your story. Please note those are not under active development anymore and will soon be moving to extended support.

I'd encourage you to use the latest-generation ArcGIS StoryMaps for your next project since it has a lot more capability and updated, modern design.

Owen Evans
Lead Product Engineer | StoryMaps
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