Week 7 of Civic Analytics with ArcGIS Hub

03-03-2021 04:22 PM
Esri Contributor

This week we shift gears to analyze a data catalog for a Hub. A Data Catalog, simply put, is an organized inventory of data assets and their metadata across all the data sources in your Hub. Click here to read more about this in our blog post.

We have set up two notebooks to analyze data catalogs with different sources of data. One notebook can be used to analyze basic summary of any data on a Hub, even those with data distributed across multiple different platforms (including the ArcGIS platform). We demonstrate this notebook with the City of Seattle's data catalog. The other notebook can be used to analyze both basic and advanced summary of ArcGIS-hosted data on a Hub, i.e. one with all of its data on the ArcGIS platform. We demonstrate this second notebook with the data catalog of Washington, DC.

Links to Notebooks:

  1. Summarizing data assets of a Hub
  2. Summarizing data assets of a Hub (advanced)
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