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4 weeks ago
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I'm a Security Design Engineer. I have completed the As-builts for a school system in Virginia, they want to use my CAD files with their current ESRI mapping software. How should my CAD files be generated to be compatible with their software?

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@DonnaWhiteside - The challenge in answering this is simply: what do they want to do with the data? If they just want to pull their data into the GIS for visualizing purposes of the interior spaces and buildings - then having properly georeferenced CAD data would be a big assist. After that - it really depends on what they want to do. If they want to load the data into an indoor information model then there are some extra steps that should be done.

If that is the case - this website offers guidance for ensuring that the CAD to GIS (indoors model) will be as smooth as possible:


Brian Baldwin, Esri Inc., Senior Solution Engineer
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