Guidance for creating a Typescript React component library with Storybook and Rollup?

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I've been tasked with creating a component library utilizing the calcite design system for our teams to use across all projects moving forward. By creating custom components it eliviates the burden of recreating these components every time.

My intention was to use rollup for bundling, and Storybook to visualize and test the individual components, and then publish the package internally with only the components we plan to use universally. I've been wrestling with this for about a week now, looking at different guides (including the rollup example provided), trying to figure out where and what and when to import everything (css, assets, etc) and how it should all compile efficiently, but just can't get it all to work correctly. I might be out of my depth here, or this endeavor could be ill-advised. 

Any tips or advice would be greatly appreciated! Link to currently active repo I'm working on.

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