SQLite Database empty after Survey123 Field App automatically switched user

11-03-2020 01:00 AM
New Contributor

We had a field team recently go out and complete a number of forms on the Survey123 App in offline mode. Prior to going into the field and offline Survey123 was logged into user1. After returning to reception the field team opened the app and found that it had logged in to user2 without any prompts or details being given. They did not even click the log-in button. They found that the outbox was now empty. 

We pulled the SQLite database off the ios device manually, and tried the troubleshooting steps from this post: Troubleshoot—ArcGIS Survey123 | Documentation, but the database was empty. We searched the phones files but couldn't find anything i.e. form attachments (photos). 

Do you have any advice on if its possible to recover this data? The device is an iPhone 7 software version 13.1.2.



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