How could I add Fme tool in arcmap toolbox to check QA

09-21-2023 01:43 AM
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Hello ,

Could I add FME in toolbox of arcmap ?

i would like to create new workspace with Fme to check QA before saving the data into database .

so will be possible , to create new tool to check as example lines and overlapped objects if exist and more ….

to check if there is error so we correct it before saving in A D tables then go to our database .

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@JokerEsri Esri and FME have worked together for a long time and the ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension provides  integrated spatial ETL toolset using Safe Software's FME technology. 

For data QA/QC you may also use ArcGIS Data Reviewer that provides a comprehensive set of spatial and attribute checks.

Ayan Palit | Principal Consultant Esri
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Thanks for ur reply .

i did not get the idea .how to add FME in tool box for arcmap ? 
i have FME and arcmap ,but I did not find at toolbox ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension tool ? What should I do ?

sorry ,I am still beginner with using Fme and arcmap 

about license ,I have Fme license and arcmap license .

should my company buy also extra license from Esri for that ?

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