Help a newbie out! Downloading map for practice

09-17-2023 06:18 PM
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Can somebody help me download *any* map to ArcMap?

For context: I'm taking a GIS seminar on Coursera (Foundamentals of GIS), which requires one to practice on ArcMap. However, it's annoying that I have to listen to long videos in which the tutor shows different functions without being able to stop the video and try the same functions myself. My short-term memory is pretty bad and without practicing right away, there's no way I'll remember what the tutor says in the video. I have the software (I know, now obsolete), but can't seem to find a way to download a map.

What I tried: 
Going to File -> ArcGIS Online, then find a map.
However, it asks me to login, and here I don't know what information to put it (I got the software licence through Coursera).

I realize this is a pretty stupid question, but could somebody please help me out?

Thanks a lot

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Create your ArcGIS online Account - free for personal/educational use via 




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