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ArcMap is Generalizing Polygon Edges Automatically Without Permission

06-11-2024 07:33 AM
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Hi, two people in my department are having issues with ArcMap 10.8.2 automatically generalizing their polygons without permission. They go to create a polygon and add in the vertices, but once they hit finish the sketch then the vertices are simplified and removed. This seems to happen along small segments or along arc segments. They recently upgraded their PC stations so both Arc Desktop and Pro were newly installed. Their PCS are also now Windows 11 Pro. Before the switch to new PCS, they were not having this issue. I wonder if they're might be some default setting that needs to be changed. I also checked their coordinate projections and they are both using the same (NAD_1983_StatePlane_Tennessee_FIPS_4100_Feet) projection in their data frame and polygon layer. I also had them check their snapping tolerances and no luck. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue and can help. 



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