Sync Issue with Workforce Assignments and ArcGIS Online

04-09-2024 05:12 AM
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Hi, I have 2 workforce projects created, with online maps only. Field workers are using IOS devices with data plans, auto-sync is turned on. Both projects are referenced in the same notebook using using this code for our daily inspections. It has a scheduled task that runs at 11pm every night, in short the code takes completed assignments and recreates them for the next day and then deletes current completed assignments. Pretty much every day the task says it completed successfully, no issues. I check the workforce dispatcher maps in the morning and all assignments are re-assigned, no completed ones exist. 

However, almost daily, in the morning when the field guys open the workforce app on the iPad they do not have this update. They do not see all the assignments re-assigned to them, only ones they did not complete the pervious day. They reload the map and sometimes it corrects the issue, other times it does not. When it doesn't correct the issue, the data in ArcGIS online syncs back to yesterdays status of what they are seeing which is most assignments completed before the notebook ran. 

Seems like once the code runs at 11pm it doesn't always sync with the workforce app for the field workers in the morning. Is anyone experiencing this or do we just have to ensure that the app is synced at the end of day and then reload the map in the morning? Its quite frustrating as no one can continue their day without checking on this.

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