Select assignment on map in Workforce app not working

10-30-2023 05:25 AM
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I've created a workforce project for inspecting assets in the field. Last week, while testing, I added a small subset of the data, around 600 locations. I signed into the Workforce app using one of the field worker logins and had no issues updating data. I have since added the rest of the inspection locations to my application, approximately 4500 records, and am no longer able to select individual locations on the map to mark as complete. Does anyone know why this might be happening? In the screen capture I have clicked on one of the clusters of points. Nothing is highlighted in turquois so I  cannot tell which assignments are being referenced and when I click on a single point, the 3 points continue to show up in the list rather than the new one I just selected.






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I'm having some more issues now. I was hoping the workflow would go as follows:

1. select an assignment from the to-do list or map

2. click start

3. click open inspection survey

4. fill out associated Survey123 form & submit

5. once the survey is submitted, survey123 closes & the field worker is directed back to workforce

6. field worker clicks FINISH to remove the assignment from their queue

My issue now comes in after step 5. After I have submitted the survey, I receive a notification in Workforce that says the assignment has been canceled or reassigned. Why is this happening? 



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