The ability to assigned multiple Mobile Workers to an Assignment

08-19-2016 02:46 AM
Status: Open
Esri Contributor

An assignment may require multiple Mobile Workers with different skill sets to work on it at the same time.

Can we please have the ability to assign multiple mobile workers to on Assignment.


Absolutely! Our organization is looking at buying 100 additional users for the purposes of utilizing this app. This with new cell phones will cost our organization thousands. It would be nice to assign multiple people instead of having crew #1, crew #2, etc. as a login for teams.


That would be a very nice feature, we have multiple crews working to on disaster relief it would be nice if they all could see that needs to be done and the priority so that when one finishes they can go to the next highest priority task. 


I was hoping this ability already existed.  I have multiple crews running soil sampling tests along a linear development, conducting tens of thousands of tests using Survey123 forms.  I've prescribed the location that tests should occur at along the development but since the crews are leap frogging each other along the line it is nearly impossible to predetermine which of the 4-8 crew members should be assigned any particular tests.  


This would be helpful with our monthly water meter shut off program. Turn off assignments are made to individual workers. As customers pay their bills new assignments are created to turn meters back on. Even though location tracking helps there was a period of time today where one of the workers got pulled off to do something completely different. The dispatcher could tell something wasn't quite right because the status of assignments in this area were not changing as quickly as a different area. As the project owner I am closer to the management of the workers and I was able to do reassignments. It would have easier if the turn on assignments were assigned to the group as a whole.


This is critical functionality to our implementation of workforce for the city.


This option would really make the difference between using and not using the Workforce App! 

Once the dispatcher has created the tasks he or she can go on doing other work. The field workers outside have better judgement about which task to pick up and which to leave for someone else or leave for another day. If assignments only can be made by the dispatcher, the Workforce App is not really useful for us.