Update WFM Job from API REST not work

11-29-2023 02:15 AM
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Hello guys,

i need to take a existing job and update it with a version name.

Reading the documentation i have seen that i can do it using "versions" parameter into post request, like in this link: https://developers.arcgis.com/workflow-manager/api-reference/rest/update-job/

The response of request is true and my payload:






	"versions": [
      "versionName": "XXXXXX.VERS_IN_USE"






Now when i run the getJobs request, into response the parameter "activeVersions" is a empty array, instead i should see the versione name that i have passed before.

I'm using ArcGIS WFM 10.9.1.

The documentation is correct? I need to do something other or how i can modify the activeVersions?

It's possibile to create a new job and associate him with a existing version?




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Hello! Unfortunately one of the limitations of the REST documentation is that it displays only the most up to date version. The feature you are attempting to use was introduced at 11.1.

Your use case of associating a new job with an existing version has been considered, and we introduced the Set Job Version step with 11.1 so that you could associate an existing version with a job. This can also be used with Claim Version if you need to transfer version ownership.

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