WAB - update NearMe widget configuration programmaticlly

10-04-2022 07:18 AM
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Web AppBuilder 2.21 Developer Edition

Hey all,

I'm trying to change the configuration of the NearMe widget. I've generated both of the config files from WAB. I tested the widget with each file and is working fine. Now, I did'nt want to duplicate the widget and I would like to alternate bitween the two configurations. I've added two radio buttons to handle the user action.

Here a snnipt of my code

function changeConfig(PanelManager, WidgetManager) {
let mywidget = PanelManager.getInstance().widgetManager.loaded.filter((item) => {return item.name == 'NearMe'});
const button1 = document.getElementById('button1')
const button2 = document.getElementById('button2')
button1 && button1.checked ? mywidget[0].config = config1 : null;
button2 && button2.checked ? mywidget[0].config = config2 : null;
//destroy the widget with olde config
//start the widget with the new config


Is there any chance to do that ? I saw a related answer here https://community.esri.com/t5/web-appbuilder-custom-widgets-questions/how-to-modify-widget-config-pr...
that would not possible but still trying to get that worked ...


Thanks a lot


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