Null values in infographic

06-14-2022 10:52 AM
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Hi there,

I'm wondering if there's a way to hide null values when making an infographic, specifically line/area infographics. 

Right now I have a dataset, where some records have a value for cloud cover percentage, but a majority of the data do not. I have set those values to 'null', but when all of the data are displayed in the infographic, there are large blank spaces because of all the records with null values. 

I understand that ignoring the null values completely might interpolate between values and provide false confidence, but there is no scatterplot option. It also seems as though the more null values there are, the larger the blank spaces are between records with a cloud cover value, making it hard to interpret.


Thanks a bunch!


I've included a screenshot of a zoomed in graph, and of a graph illustrating how hard it is to interpret in the widget window. 



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