MobileWorker roles and the ability to Export data

08-09-2022 06:18 PM
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Hi all, running ArcGIS Enterprise Portal 10.9.1 and are in the process of building a simple app with WebApp Builder to allow users to export data collected in the field (Collector or Field Maps). The primary aim is for users to be able to select a featureclass and export it (all features or a spatial selection) to shapefile or geodatabase.

The primary reason for this is that dashboards within the Enterprise do not support any export functionality, but I also see some other benefits with WebApp Builder in that we can provide a more tailored experience than Web Maps or Classic Web Maps, and it avoids the use of Pro for those who only really need simple data exploration and export.

Problem - Our users are assigned the Mobile Worker role and it's my understanding that they don't get access to the "Analysis" tab in the classic web map, and it seems that the "Export" functionality within the "Analysis" widget in WebApp builder has similar limitations. Our testing shows that the user can access the "export to CSV" functionality from the tables, but that only partly meets requirements. Users with higher roles such as GIS Professional can successfully access and run the export functionality

Any assistance on how people have dealt with this is appreciated.

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