Is it possible to create several layer lists that each will contain different layers?

08-09-2022 10:45 PM
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Friendly greetings from Cyprus. I am trying to build a Web App using the Web AppBuilder. The application will be saved on the Department's portal and aims to provide digital geospatial data to the public. The public will have only viewer rights. In order to be the application user-friendly, I would like to group the data into several folders or layer lists. Each folder will correspond to a subject, for example Geology, Seismology, Geochemistry, etc. and will contain different layers. Is this possible?

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Just to verify if I'm understanding write you would like a group called Geology that has several layers underneath that you can turn on and off or choose to turn on/off the entire geology group?

If so we accomplish this two different ways by publishing services to our enterprise environment and utilizing in Portal.

The first way is within Pro I set up a map that has groups defined in it and when I load said service into a the Portal Web Map it honors those groups.  See below my Corp Limits is set up a group with the different type of Corp limits below and the Parcel layer is outside the group.  So I can uncheck the different limits individual or uncheck next to Crop Limits and it turns off all layers within the group.


The Second way we do this is by publishing services for each category and then loading each service into the Portal Web Map.  Since they are separate services then it asks like a group layer in the map contents.  So in the below example Infrastructure, Water Mains, Sewer Mains, and Gas Mains are all different services.



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