Filter Data from a Related Table in Web App

06-28-2022 03:29 PM
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Hi there,

I work for a Botanical Garden, and I am trying to build a Web App that shows the user (via Filter widget) all the trees on our property that are ready to be pruned. My web map consists of all the trees on the property (as a point feature class) and is connected to a related table with pruning maintenance information. My goal is to design the Web App so that the user can filter based on Last Pruning Date and/or Risk of Falling for the various trees. That data, however, is stored in the related Pruning Maintenance table. I can't seem to find a way to filter based on related table data; I can only filter from a feature class/layer. I thought about joining the two together (i.e; feature class with maintenance info as additional attributes), but that defeats the purpose of having a separate maintenance table that shows a historical record of pruning over time.

Any ideas on workarounds for this?

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