Dynamic Text not working in Print Widget

05-09-2024 12:15 AM
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Hi folks,

We have recreated existing print templates from MXD layouts to APRX layouts for use in Web App Builder and whilst the print templates themselves work, we are having issues with the Dynamic Text used to allow users to change the Title of the Printed Map:


At the minute, users can access various templates but in the example above, if the user changes the Title from ArcGIS Web Map to something related to the map, it prints the A2 Landscape as opposed to their added text:


The Dynamic Text used is the exact same as taken from the MXD:

<dyn type="layout" property="name" emptyStr=" "/>


Grateful for any advice or alterations required to the Dynamic Text


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Hi KSmyth4, 

Have you found the solution for it? I am having the same issue here. 



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