Did related records in popups change in Portal 10.5.1?

10-13-2017 02:04 PM
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My organization just upgraded from Portal 10.4.1 two days ago and I'm seeing a difference in how related records are accessed in a web map vs a WAB app.

In the web map I see this in the popup where it is one click on the Show Related Records link to open the table.


In the WAB I get this:

Show related records in WAB 1

I have to click on the arrow first to get this:

show related records in WAB 2

Then I click on the 3 dots to show the attribute table.  I can see how this new popup provides other functionality but in a way it makes it more complicated and less efficient (2 clicks instead of 1). Is there way to make the WAB behave like the web map? I haven't found any documentation on this yet.

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Did you find a solution, I am having this issue with WAB, its really annoying.

Thank you,


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No. I just had to teach myself and train others to use the new way

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