Custom Theme - easier to start w Foldable or Tab?

09-27-2022 02:34 PM
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I'm in need of a theme that's essentially a hybrid between the Foldable and Tab themes.   Specifically, the controller style of Foldable (in the header), but the outside-of-map side-panel of Tab.  I'd rather not start from scratch, so seems like I could kick-start by either:

1) start with Foldable, munge it into using an out-of-map side-panel

2) start with Tab, yank controller out of side-panel into header

Foldable seems more stable, so I'm tempted to start there.  I don't need any of the "indicator" bars of Tab,  nor its ability to arrange vertically, just its out-of-map panel with map-resize-on-open/close logic.  I also prefer the right-side panel of Foldable, and Tab doesn't seem to easily support right-sided (I've tried, but the rtl support is only so-so).

But thought I'd ask in advance for recommendations/pitfalls if anyone's done something similar before.  Thanks.


Edit:  hmm, pondering my own pre-conceived notions, the Plateau theme is perhaps a better kick-start.

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