Batch Attribute Editor - table selection

05-18-2022 07:09 AM
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Hi, I have a webapp setup with a couple of feature layers in it and currently using the Batch Attribute Editor widget. I have the scenario where the user wants to select rows in the attribute table and batch update the attributes of those selected features. Is there a way to use the selection from the attribute table in the Batch Attribute Editor widget and have the widget update them?

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Hi @RenePretorius

That is a very valid request, but this is not available in Web AppBuilder. This can only be done for feature layers, where the records have a geometry you can select on the map. There is some work being done to potentially provide batch attribute editing in the new Edit widgets in the new Map Viewer and in Experience Builder, but we do not yet have a defined timeline on when this will be available and how it will work with table layers.


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Great to hear. The ability to bulk update a table via webapp or experience would be a huge addition.