ArcGIS Web AppBuilder - Basemap Widget URLs

09-29-2022 11:25 AM
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We utilize the basemap widget in our application generated from WAB 2.24.  We currently have many years of imagery that are hosted on our ArcGIS Servers as individual Image Services for each year.  We have generated a derived Mosaic dataset with all the imagery together in one Image Service.  However, I have not been able to figure out how to update the URLs in the basemap widget to include a query to limit the data to a single year.

Typically, each base map pointed to its appropriate year's Image service and works great.




However, we would like to host all the imagery on a single service and filer the data by year.  This works great in maps and other components but I have not been able to figure out how to add each year's url to the basemap widget.

I tried adding a query to the url but cannot get the widget to accept the path.


I also tried publishing the Mosaic as a MapService but the widget will not accept the layer identifier or layer index.


Both ImageService and MapService URL will display alone; however, it displays everything.

Are there any other options that can be utilized as a basemap that would allow filtering by year?


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