Query Widget - Multi Select

02-02-2017 08:55 AM
Status: Open
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Enable the user to select multiple values for a field in the query / filter widgets via a check box.  Sometimes there are many options available for a field and the user wants to select some of them.  The current workflow requires a expression set with a place for each possible value.  Sometimes there a situations with many possible outcomes.  Some users may want just 1 or 2 of the possible values and some might want 10 of the possible values.


Great idea, this would work well with the regular Filter widget, but if only this widget would also filter multiple layers too.. https://community.esri.com/ideas/12589 

That would be some widget.


Great idea, if I understand correctly, it would be the equivalent of the SQL IN operator


yes, this already works for definition queries in ArcGIS Pro!


This is currently available with the Operations Dashboard.  It would be ideal if Web AppBuilder worked that way too. 


This feature for Query widget is the same with Filter.

WAB has already supported it since Online 6.2/DE2.9/WAB 2.9 release (July 2018), and there was also a feature of "Uncheck all" implemented with Online 6.3 /DE2.10/WAB 2.10 release (Sep 2018). Please see comments in Multi-select for Filter Widget in WAB


Do you know when the "is any of" filter option will be implemented in Portal for ArcGIS as well (not just in ArcGIS Online)?


It has been implemented since portal 10.7 version (2018 Dec).