Why would KML pop up attribute tables be displaying differently for different features in the same KML?.

03-01-2020 11:02 AM
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I'm exporting kmls from ArcMap 10.7 to upload to a web map built on Google's API, and when I select two different features, from the same layer, in the web map, the attribute table in the popup box is formatted differently. One shows all the alias names and fields I set in the table before exporting (which is what I expect) and the other will have limited fields and a different graphic and heading. I can't imagine what it would be since it's happening to two different features in the same layer. Could something be so different between two features in the same data that the attribute table pop up would be displayed differently, and limitedly? Is there a way to get a grip on how and what the pop up displays? #kml #kmz 

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