Runtime Parameters for Http Poller

09-21-2021 06:42 AM
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We have an external client provided Api which we need to poll for vehicle location. The problem we are facing is that we first need to poll the "Vehicle Api" in order to get a list of available vehicles and then we can poll the "Locations Api" for each vehicle by using the "Vehicle Id" obtained from the previous request.

Is it possible to use the response of one Http Poller in the body of another Http Poller? 

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Esri Contributor

Hi Meyer, this is a great question. Currently, there is no mechanism built-in to the ArcGIS Velocity HTTP Poller feed/source to use the response of a first HTTP Poll to populate the parameters of a second HTTP Poll.

This is something we will continue to investigate for enhancement.

In the meantime, other users have implemented solutions such as using cloud functions like AWS Lambda or Azure Functions to perform logic-based API polling, and then expose the resulting data to a web URL for the Velocity HTTP Poller, or another endpoint such as AWS IoT, Azure Event Hub, Azure Service Bus, Kafka, MQTT, etc. This could also be achieved with Python.

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