Custom vector basemaps not updating

04-16-2022 10:36 AM
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Hello all!

I am having an issue with the vector basemap editor. Each time I make an edit and save my style, the changes are not committing. When I bring the basemap into ArcPro from AGOL the map looks the same as my previous basemap.

For example, I recently edited my major road labels to have a halo, yet the halo does not appear at all when saving and reimporting.

I tried clearing cache and waited for changes to commit overnight thinking it would take time to update, but no luck.

Any ideas or is this just a bug? Currently the tool is not feasible to be used for my purposes and I need a quick solution.

Thanks in advance for the help!

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Hi @JoeHiebert :

- is the vector tile item saved into an account that is the same account logged in to arcgis pro? you may need to verify the access right/sharing options set on the style item.

- is the item saved in arcgis online, and can you reload it in the vector tile style editor and once reloaded is it the same as you saved it?

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I am having a lot of trouble with the Vector Tile Style editor myself lately. The changes I make in the editor seem to do the opposite once I bring them into Pro. I try to make labels smaller, but they get larger. It looks great in the editor and in AGOL, but once in Pro it is not useable. 

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